Posted Monday, Nov 4th 2013 @ 22:46

I've been ignoring the main page for too long, and that means you get something special from Santa's bag. You guessed right, I got you textures. It's gonna be the best Christmas ever!

Apparently, I have some weird ideas about copy, and the right to copy, and whatever. Maybe I'm crazy, but I just don't care about protecting my whats-its. If someone takes one of my brain-ventures and can somehow turn it into gold, I don't really feel attacked by that. It's kind of validating, actually. I believe in open source. All content on Wolfgang and Sons (dot com) is in the public domain. My stupid little things are gifts. They are for you. Please eat as many as you can.

Textures are a super contentious area when it comes to copy. Digital artists really need them, and they hate using the same one twice. But a web search for the texture you need, that just feels dirty. If only someone would just put a bunch of ballin' original textures in a zip file and then just give them away for free. Did I mention it's Christmas?

Here are the 48 shots I took before I made that wild stego-stallion from the Decosaurs series. They're textures from the urban southwest, taken by a very hungry photograpillar. They are yours, and they are dedicated to the sandwich I ate immediately afterward.

I'm calling them First Harvest, as I intend to provide many more in the future. I want a total of 150 before Christmas day: one for each Pokemon. Please use them in your weirdest digital candies.

And don't shoot your eye out.

xoxo (CW) Alex