Posted Monday, Oct 14th 2013 @ 9:08

Alright, sports fans, Prologues is up and rolling, now! We're swimming with ideas and dropping content like woah for this thing, and we've finally got a couple of finished pages for your viewing delight.

By the way, Holly, nice Ruxpin poster! Love, love, love it!

The contest was, who so ever finishes their pages first gets dibs on pages one and two of the published book. Now, I'm not entirely sure whether or not I informed my compatriots of the contest or the rules therein, but, regardless, I am the winner, na na na na na, etc. As the worst fisherman of the group (nay, world), just let me have this one, okay!? Alright, it's settled.

Okay, shop talk. On one of our work days, Herr Wilson was telling me about his plan for his upcoming game Alchemia in which he finished his light values in pencil with his classic hash-and-smudge judo; and then, when it was time to color, he could do a light wash in watercolor and the whole thing would just come together! I asked if he had actually tried this, and he replied that he had not.

So I did! For Ruxpin, I had done most of my crosshatch work in ink already, so there was a pretty good footprint for shadow values. As for lighter shadows, and, well, light, I decided to go with Wilson's idea, but with a brush and diluted India ink (six or seven values therein) instead of pencil. I had been experimenting with this technique in software, but it turned out I could cut the time in a third by using actual paint. Who knew? The jitsu was print, scan, paint, scan, scan. The background was also done seperately, with the same India ink, splattered furiously in the tub. It looked like an art murder scene. I realize now I could also have taken a picture of my shirt this weekend after I murdered all of those fish, and produced similar results.

So, without further ado, I give you Prologues, pages one and two.

xoxo (CW) Alex