Posted Wednesday, Mar 6th 2013 @ 17:57

Wilson will be selling Fine Art Prints, of his very own fantastic art work, at the 4th Avenue Street Fair, in sunny Tucson, Viejo Mexico, March 22, 23, and 24th!

You may print out you own for free right here. They wont be signed by the artist though =^/

Oh well... FREE! =^)

Under Sphere Portal

This painting was a commissioned piece done for a fellow Magic man that was, at the time, going through chemo therapy to win the battle against the cancer. (Which he did by the way)

He wasn't too sure how to articulate what he wanted, but that's ok because I can read minds. My friend suggested I paint him a painting of an underground temple with crystal pillars... Maybe a water fall with some light shining through. I could tell he was slightly nervous but at the same time ultra excited to see what I would come up with. He gave me his trust and was not to see any of the preliminary work before the finished painting was complete.

And so the Under Sphere was formed somewhere out there in an alternate reality, or perhaps a galaxy far far away. This painting is a window to that reality.

The way I see it, during this very special planet's inception, in the midst of molten molding silica chemistry, occurred an explosive event that sent a massive layer of the molten planetary crust into the skys in what would be easiest described as a planet wide bubble burp. The silicate matter fell back to the planet's gravity, but had spread thin and cooled quickly, creating a completely new hollow sphere of crust that would appear to be floating on air, but is actually being held up by it's own planetary wide spherical structure. Neat huh?

Inside the Under Sphere (beneath the most outer layer of crust, but above the floor crust level) we see huge crystal pillars formed linking the two layers in areas of high mana concentration. As seen in the painting we are viewing one such area.

As a matter of fact, this particular area we are viewing is very special, and quite rare, even on a planet such as this. It has a sustained mana fall of pure liquid crystal silicate that, when walked through, may cleanse any being of any Thing that does not serve them.

No known life, as we here on Earth know it, exists on The Planet of The Under Sphere, and the only way to get there is through holographic projection of the imagination. It is a sacred place of healing and soul forging. So explore! And have fun!

...That's just what I see though. Come up with your own story and email me if you'd like. I love knowing of other people's imaginations.

Though if you walk through The Under Sphere Portal as I have described, please keep this in mind: Hold no fear or be obliterated.