Posted Friday, Nov 22nd 2013 @ 11:11

We are the Wolfgang and we believe that people should eat art. No. Well, sort of. We believe that art is like food: you should be allowed to have it, even if you ain't rich (Bread and Puppet 1987). So we're throwing a benefit concert for Child's Play: a charity that delivers toys and games to kids in children's hospitals. We're going to put music in your ears and art in your hands. That's happening. You see, we realized we have the power to reverse economically enforced barriers fortified by the institutionalized characterizations of so-called "high art." How? By selling fine art for five cents. You heard that correctly. Fine. Art. Five. Cents.

Deets: It's gonna be at Tucson's historic Rialto Theatre on December 22nd (2013). In the evening.

Update: I has posters! In delightful green (common), blue (uncommon), and red (rare) flavours! Just in: I now have posters in glorious polychrome! Or, you can print out the Neapolitan Collection and have them all!

Call to artists!!
So here's where we need you. We are doing a special edition print run of collectible stamps for the event. They'll be 2.5x3.5, in hard cases. They will be on sale for 5c a piece at the event (2 for ten bucks). And of course, all proceeds go to charity. Patrons who purchase a stamp (I'm sure everyone will buy at least one at those rock bottom prices) will not get to pick their poison. They get 'em at random. So if there's one they want, they'll have to either donate more to charity, or trade. Yeah, I know. It's really cool. Now, your part. If you think that being involved with this rad cheap art initiative is up your alley, send me a line drawing, black on white, 6x8. I don't need an original, just email me a scan. All submissions will be put into the stamp template and included in the print run. So, famous artists out there? Do me a favor and increase access to your fine art, with little effort, while helping an amazing cause. I finished mine, it looks like this:

The sandcastle represents, for me, the ultimate expression of non-institutionalized art. You build a sandcastle to build it, not for the glory. Then the ocean kills it.

Ah, yes, rock and roll. Well, we aren't about to go it alone, so we've asked In Search of a Word, Creating the Scene, Ocean Void, Bean Street Collective, and Eastern Shore to melt your face in the interim. It's an easy commit: walk through the door and you will be making a salient impact. Do be a dear and stop by.

xoxo (CW) Alex


Bread and Puppet. What Is Cheap Art? Glover, VT.: Bread & Puppet, 1987.