Posted Sunday, Aug 18th 2013 @ 22:50

"You need to paint this," Holly said as I sauntered in, a bit late. She hands over a super stylized sketch of one of my favorite Marvel characters, Kitty Pride. All wild and expressive, you know how she does.

"I'll color it," I say.

"No, you'll paint it."

So now I had to paint; and I'd been doing such a great job at resisting. I was sure I knew what she had expected. Me sitting there with a steady hand and a tiny brush, pining over light and shadow for hours. So when she came back and the entire thing was covered in purple splatters, with no sign of her original image, she made the surprise-with-worry-mixed-in face. A fan favorite. Then she noticed I had a stack of the image printed out on several sheets of cardstock. I went on to paint each of the elements I wanted to work with, and then layered them all together in Photo-whatever. Oh, but that look of surprise and terror. Priceless.

So, rigorous exploration. Check.

I guess we have a table at Comic Con. So that's cool.

xoxo (CW) Alex