Posted Wednesday, Jul 10th 2013 @ 11:04

The riddles of the top secret project continue to unwind.

One of my fondest memories of hanging out with my father was the time we snuck into an indian ruin tucked in a secrect local that we found hiking deep in the valley of Canyon de Chelly, Colorado. Equipped with true Wilson style hiking shoes, a.k.a. thong sandals, we scaled the cliff side and explored the ruins. Great times Pops!

Here is an ambient music track named after that area, and also captures the feeling of the mystical intrigue of wandering into an abandoned native american dwelling. Canyon de Chelly

Continuing with sonic adventure and intrigue we have a musical number that embodies the will of safe return home after such travels. Weaving through the mounds of the journey like a snake winds through the grass, sligh and unseen.

Serpent Mound