Posted Thursday, Sep 12th 2013 @ 1:21

Here is an oldie but goodie known as Elemental X.

The midst of Prologues is abound around us, and although I do have a new sketch or two pertaining, they would not be worthy to show here tonight, as they would probably make no sense to your poor feeble minds MuhhhAHhahAhAha Only I know the secrets to my artistic cypher.

So alas I shall force you all to be patient, which I hear is a virtue. There, you're welcome; See I'm not so evil.

So in the meantime, before we move forward on our seeds for graphic novels, which you classy, lovely, eager audiencerz have bared witness to, you may enjoy this heer classic:

Elemental X

The Elemental series is quite elementary. The paintings are based off of the human face, but not just any face, one that was never really a face at all. As the structure never had structure, and every time the hand mind union try to force in objection the object is broken; broken to create new objects that are further pulled apart until the little voice in my head says the painting is completed.

I do always keep composition and balance in mind though; I can't help myself. I'll work on the Elementals, rotating the canvas, balancing it in every direction even. Hek download the file, rotate it yourself and make it your next desktop!!! You have four paintings to choose from for the price of one... Which to you here on Wolfgang and Sons is FREE!

Enjoy =^)