Posted Saturday, Apr 9th 2016 @ 14:08

Hello, all of the folks.

Long hiatus. Sorry about that. It's easy to say things like "I'll make so much content and it'll be great!" But it can sometimes be hard to follow through, or, you know, sit down and actually make stuff. I think I could slide by with an excuse like "life gets busy, doncha' know," but the truth is that I also get lazy, or afraid to create (for fear of failure). On the other hand, there's nothing more satisfying to me than making stuff and putting it in the public domain, so, I guess I'll keep going. Or, well, try.

This song is about debt. It features a hook I've been mumbling on stage for a couple of years now, and I figured it was about time to make good use of it. I think this country's catch 22 with student debt is hard to swallow: go to college and open more doors, but if you weren't born right, get used to blood-letting. I guess.

So, I tried to write about it. I find it hard to be political in my music without sounding pretentious. But this is what I want to comment on, so I'm at a loss for middle-ground. My fix was nature imagery with a dash of symbolism toward the themes in question. If the political element is too much and you just want to listen to the song, then just ignore the stuffy metaphors and let it be about trees and stuff.

Oh, I guess I should link the track:


(CW) Alex