Posted Monday, Jan 20th 2014 @ 23:54

There is a lot of power in music.

And, for what it's worth, I believe that's all that really matters. We've learned a lot this year recording and making at Wolfgang and Sons. We'll continue to learn. We'll continue to hone our skillsets and strengthen our practices. And, of course, we'll have our latest adventures ready to go in your living rooms or phones or whatever. Trust me, as soon as we do stuff, it's yours.

We've run the gamut on Hi Fi. By we, obviously, I mean you and me. We know what that sounds like. It sounds soft. It sounds safe. What I love about Lo Fi is that we never quite know what it's going to sound like.

Tonight, I grabbed some gear and headed down to Bean Street: home of the magnificent Bean Street Collective. I set everything up in the street and asked if anyone would like to record. I had a taker: the insanely talented Martin Agular. He did a one-take-perfect (Greengaard Style) on his hit Daisy Girl, and, I think it's one of the most memorable experiences in my career. He just played it perfectly, right there in the street.

I'm actually still having trouble processing all of this, but I think it's new. I think, and remember that this is just a hunch, but, I think that it's at least unusual to be recording artists, free of charge, in the street. But things are different on Bean Street. They're better. Martin: thank you, with everything I've got, for being the first (and for that matter, killing it).

Gatekeepers: eat your heart out.

Daisy Girl

xoxo (CW) Alex