Posted Monday, Jul 1st 2013 @ 12:02

This week we held our final session with The Kid (Connor McCloud) for our top secret project having something to do with American archaeology. The session was prolific, yielding four tracks in the can, all of which I think we can use. The Kid is one of the most unique and eccentric individuals I have ever worked with (and, seriously, I work with The Wolfgang). He can compose on the spot without losing the necessary lyricism or intensity arc that drives a full, polished piece. He has a natural inclination for storytelling with his music: he knows where to hold back and where to bring the noise. He always hits the mark on the first take; there's never a need to try again. And here's where it gets interesting: he can't listen to his own music. Every playback, without fail, he's either still playing, out of the room, or watching youtube videos on his phone. It's bizarre and fascinating; and I think, a window to his genius.

Today's take is in many ways opposite of last week's release. For this track, The Kid was an essential component to the process, but he didn't lay down the performance (he did, however, drop three other tracks, which you will hear later). In the few weeks that we've been working together, I've attempted to adopt elements of his process; namely, the bold decisiveness with which he fearlessly gets it right on the first try. This is born from confidence; and I do have some of that. So, when the pattern came, I marched right into the studio and made it so on the first take.

This piece, entitled Chaco Canyon, is written for two mandolins, and of course, my trusty Dumbek and Steve Cruz's shaker egg that I never gave back (come and get it).

The track: Chaco Canyon

xoxo (CW) Alex