Posted Sunday, Jun 30th 2013 @ 14:30

Sometimes life gets busy. Sometimes the busy and effort and work result in no tangible things to share. I mean, I can share a photo of my (not) new guitar. The exact model that thievery spirited away, only in a shiny new color!

As fun as that is, it's not very creative to show off the new tools. So here's a snip of script that will eventually be worked into a final draft that's handed to the illustrious artist crew to illustrate.

Note - All things are subject to change. So it goes.

EXT. ARID PLAINS, NIGHT – A gently sloping grassland is silhouetted against the dark sky. Five men sit in a circle talking as a fire burns brightly between them. They are tribal elders of a village sized group of gypsy beduins that live amongst the plains. They are CHIEF PRAXIS, ELDER OPELL, ELDER TOTH, ELDER SINTAR, and ELDER BREYER. A sixteen year old teenage boy named SCIPIO regularly feeds the fire as the men speak.

The Grenks in the North have grown fat and
content with their riches. We shall send a raiding
party and take their treasures and trade them for
more horses.

Elder Toth
It would be more wise to attack to the east, where
we might gain the horses directly.

Elder Opell
I am not confident we should risk angering the
Visiroths. Their trade has always been fair and

The Chief puffs from a long stemmed pipe as he considers the discussion. Scipio scoffs loudly upon hearing that the Visiroths are reliable, and Elder Breyer takes notice.

Elder Breyer
You disagree, young one?

I'm sorry, I should not have reacted.

Elder Breyer
Speak, what is it that drives you to derision?

Visiroths are not worth our honor. We owe
them nothing.

Your anger betrays you young Scipio. Do
not let your heart cloud your mind. We
may very well raid the Visiroths, but if we
do it shall be for the right reasons.

Elder Opell
Attacking to the north carries far less risk. The road
has more cover for withdraw.

Elder Sintar
If the raid is successful, we shall have no need
for cover. We should attack east.

We can attack the Visiroths and use the fresh stock
of horses to raid the Grenks and retrieve greater
treasures than we could take otherwise.

Elder Breyer
There is wisdom in such a plan.

If there is to be a raid on the Visiroths, I would
join it.

The Chief gives Scipio a hard stare for speaking up without invitation.

You are not yet a man. I can not in good conscious send
a boy to die so readily.

I've been training. My sword strikes true.