Posted Monday, Jan 13th 2014 @ 22:14

It's Photography Week here at Wolfgang and Sons!

Woah, dang.

So we're featuring guest artists all week, both local and national, who have chosen to contribute a little fuel to the Wolfgang creative bonfire (patent pending?). And I'll do a little something something as well in the form of another harvest which I collected this chilly winter evening under a crisp, golden downtown sunset. I've been meaning for some time to do a downtown harvest, but these days have been awfully short; and I keep running out of light. This afternoon, I had my heart set on getting down there come rain or sleet or meatballs; and, as I drove, watching the sun tuck itself subtly beneath the tall buildings in the distance, the traffic just cracked right open and let me on through.

And that never happens. I'm not saying that there was divine intervention specifically for me or anything. It was probably meant for the dude in the red Camry I was tailgating the whole time. He looked super pious. Anyway, I made it before sundown and captured a few lovely textures for your viewing and digital artmaking delight, which I'll be happy to share at this time:

Second Harvest

So, as I'm wandering the beautiful downtown grottos and backalleys, I can feel this car getting close. And, to be fair, I was crossing a little slow-like. The windows are down, and I can hear the conversation of the couple inside. I am going to just give the direct quote, because it's the best direct quote ever:

"Heh, check out Greengaard over there clocking in at one mile an hour. Woah, dang, that really is Greengaard! What's up, Greengaard?"

It was Tucc, and her darling husband, Sapp. Yeah, yeah, it's a small world and whatnot; but the moral of the story is that "Greengaard" is now an adjective for a slow person in a crosswalk. Use it sparingly.

xoxo (CW) Alex