Posted Tuesday, Jul 16th 2013 @ 13:22

Still can't say much more about the American Archaeology project. You should have noticed by now that we have composed and recorded an LP's worth of classical Spanish-Americana compositions. We'll go ahead and release that as a single entity as soon as we get the go ahead. From the moon men.

So, what do I have for you, today? Well, darlings, I've been busy. These first two go together, and they're the last of the Highlander Sessions. I wanted a high-complexity piece to correspond to a simple piece to reflect the variance of emergent cultural identity throughout the North American sites. Clovis was one of the first cultures in the Americas. Prior to European imperialism, Coronado was one of the last. The transition between these should reflect the diffuse insurgence cultural complexity throughout the 10,000 years of human habitation on the supercontinent. Or, alternatively, they're both nice little ditties.



Now, this third piece I composed and recorded alone. I have another project coming up involving an old, beat up condenser, and I wanted to see if I could still get a clean signal out of it. I also wanted to experiment with cleaning up the noise floor in post production. So the minute I step up to the mic, the cicadas start going nuts outside. Perfect. If I forget to put Arizona in my music, it finds a way.

Anyway, this track represents the bookending of one project with mindfulness toward the next. Simple, clean, and with an eye toward something much larger in scope; I called this one Palenque.


xoxo (CW) Alex