Posted Wednesday, Jan 22nd 2014 @ 15:59

All-righty flocks o folks out there in reality looking into the here of digality.

Last weekity was a wonderful showcasing of photography for your viewing pleasures; it's always a great thing shining the light of fellow crazy artistic comrades.

But now it's time to go back into the dark muUHAHHAHhHahahHAhHA ha ho


..soon you will find your self hopelessly lost in an underworld on a planet not too far from home, in a time very very near to now.

But that time is not now.


you are still safe.

So in the mean time...

Enjoy this work in progress! ;^D

Two separate original drawings inspired by and based off of the hit Aliens movie directed by James Cameron.

The two drawings were scanned, slightly enlarged, combined in Photoshop, and then printed onto a 24"x30" canvas that was then mounted to a same size archival masonite.

I am currently painting the scene.

Stay tuned.... dun dun dun