Posted Sunday, Aug 3rd 2014 @ 15:18

A preacher friend recently paid me one of the highest compliments I've ever received.

You see- I get worried, and often, about the future.
That shouldn't be a revelation as I'm sure most people do it.

What I worry about in particular is the craze among artist communities that tends to break them apart:

"Gotta push, push, push.
Gotta make money, money, money.
Gotta be famous, famous, famous.
Gotta be the next big thing."

The problem is that I could care less.
I don't need to be the next big "thing."
I just want to make things.
I just want to help others make things.
This apparently makes me unusual in many circles.

Oh. So back to the compliment (I also get distracted easily. SQUIRREL!) He said something like:

"Stop worrying so much. The reason we like you is because you act with sincerity and integrity.
Keep that up and your glow will show them another way to be great."

That's what I love about The Wolfgang Family.
They also act with sincerity and integrity.
(And they make extremely kick butt things!)
Thank you for allowing me to be a footprint in y(our) tiny revolution.

Here is my first thing, a WIP for my next comic.

And my second thing, my very first comic.

Neither of these would have been made if it weren't for the inspiration drawn from Greengaard's recent Comic Camp.

<3 Heather