Fine Art: Five Cents
A series of events promoting arts access and equality by making works of fine art available for five cents.

Next Event: Club Congress. November 14, 2014
We are very excited to announce that our next 5c event will be held at Tucson’s beautiful and historic Club Congress on November 14, 2014! Proceeds for this event will go to Downtown Radio Tucson: a low powered community radio station. Check the news section to stay updated on band and artist announcements, and to view this year’s collection.

About Us
If there's one thing we know for certain, it's that everybody should eat art. No. Well, sort of. We believe that art is like food: you should be allowed to have it, even if you ain't rich. And, not only do we believe this, we're doing something about it. You see, we realized we have the power to reverse economically enforced barriers fortified by the institutionalized characterizations of so-called "high art." How? By selling fine art for five cents. You heard that correctly. Fine. Art. Five. Cents.

5c events are a mélange (read: tangled mess) of art shows, concerts, and international art collections. The concert part, well, that’s self-explanatory, right? Rock and roll music will be served. A rag-tag brigade of awesome artists will operate futuristic booth-pods (or tables if we lose our funding from NASA) at which their incredible works will be made available on the cheap. For each event, we assemble an international collection of prints that are made available for five cents apiece (two for ten bucks). These will be available at each booth, but (and here comes the kicker), the stack is face-down: so patrons must select their print at random. Of course, if there’s one you’re looking for, you can keep fishing. The money goes to charity, so we feel zero guilt.

Also, the prints will be coded by rarity: common, uncommon, rare, and mythic rare. Fun, huh?

Call to Artists
We are currently accepting submissions for our 2014 event for Downtown Radio Tucson at Club Congress. We are looking for photographs, paintings, drawings, or digital works in portrait orientation. They need to be in 3:4 aspect ratio, minimum 300 resolution, and at least 6x8". Note: your work will be modified (a border will be added for the collection) and made available in the public domain. Please send your scan or high-resolution photograph to Digital submissions only, no originals.

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