Posted Monday, Dec 16th 2013 @ 21:25

Crunch time, sports fans.

It looks like this is real, it's happening, and we have the potential to stir the pot; grassroots style. Come Sunday, we're putting everything we got into this benefit. So call the street team. Get them on this. Tell them to bring Pocky.

I suppose that inside reference to Penny Arcade is a nice excuse to talk about Child's Play, and why it's so important to me. Child's Play was originally created by Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins of Penny Arcade, who relied upon the tight knit community of game enthusiasts that comprised their fanbase to get it off the ground. I remember those days. At the time, Mike and Jerry were getting fed up with eleven o' clock news stories about the ill effects of games on kids, and sought to prove what a difference a small community of gamers could make. And, well, they knocked it out of the park. Now Child's Play raises millions of dollars each year to bring toys to kids in children's hospitals. But not through flashy mainstream media. Through small, passionate communities.

I grew up with Penny Arcade; read every comic for fifteen years. They were one of the first outlets to democratize digital media. To prove that content is king. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, they inched a little closer to the American dream. They weren't discovered, they earned everything on their own merits, on their own terms. Nobody ever promised them it would be easy, but they went for it anyway.

Let's do the same, how 'bout?

Fine Art: 5c is now running on all cylinders. Artists local and national have submitted artwork for our stamp collection (I see what I did there), and we're starting to see a pretty robust assemblage. Who wants a sneak preview? Alright you twisted my arm. I'll let you see a common, an uncommon, and a rare.

Here's one from the one and only C Wilson:

An uncommon from the lovely Holly Randall:

And a rare from Uruguayan rock star Martin Dominguez Ball:

So, we're doing something cool, here. We're changing the rules on access to fine art. We're doing it on our own terms, and we're benefiting charity via the same organization that inspired this mess. Stop by and change everything for a spell.

xoxo (CW) Alex

PS: Polychrome!